Patuxent Council #2203
Since 1920
Serving St. Mary of the Mills
and our Community



The Knights of Columbus offers a complete portfolio of top-quality products to our members and their eligible family members.

Insure Your Life for Life

Affordable Protection for Temporary Needs

Give Yourself a Paycheck for the Rest of Your Life. Guaranteed.

Protect Your Assets. Prepare for the Future.

Shield Your Income from Illness and Injury

In addition to our line of products, the Knights of Columbus provides extensive services to members and their families:

Our agents are there for members and their families to help them in the aftermath of the loss of a loved one.

In addition to our products, the Knights of Columbus offers Family Fraternal Benefits that can help our members facing unique needs. Many of these benefits are unique to the Knights of Columbus and some are free. These benefits include: guaranteed life insurance benefits for uninsurable children; death benefits available for stillborn or miscarried children; orphan benefits; and member/spouse accidental death benefits.

Your Knights of Columbus agent will be happy to meet with you at your convenience to discuss all your Insurance needs.