Patuxent Council #2203
Since 1920
Serving St. Mary of the Mills
and our Community

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On an annual basis, Patuxent Council invites the youth of St. Mary of the Mills Parish to design a poster which reminds us of the real "reason for the season." Winning entrants receive an award from the Council and are sent on to the State Council competition.

The Knights of Columbus are committed to helping end hunger through the Food for Families Program, which has donated millions of dollars and millions of pounds of food to the cause. Council and parish families raise funds to support their local food pantries, food banks and soup kitchens. Members of Patuxent Council annually donate more than 1,000 volunteer hours recovering more than 20,000 pounds of food from local grocery stores and donating it to Laurel-area food banks.

Help strengthen families and revitalize our parishes. Knights of Columbus councils will invite each family in their parish to consecrate themselves to the Holy Family and to devote themselves to the ideal model of familial love set by Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

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At least once a year, Patuxent Council invites all members, and their families, to partake in family trivia/game nights during a 3rd Tuesday social meeting.

Patuxent Council brings members and families together for dinners throughout the year, such as for the Council Installation of Officers and our annual Christmas Party.